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I felt compelled to tell you how blown away I was by your Modern Heirloom quilts, by the designs, the artistry and beautiful concept.  I was buzzing after discovering your work because it is rare that I see things that really leap out at me like that.

The care you take to capture the stories and even the fact that you take photos of the garments before cutting them resonated so deeply with me.  I’m in the throes of early motherhood and have felt those heart-pangs as I sort through my son’s drawers and pull out the clothes he’s outgrown and put them in a bag I’ve optimistically labelled ‘memory quilt’.  i’ve seen companies that will make boring, twee versions or you can have patchwork teddies made – neither of which are edgy enough for my taste.  But then I saw your work and I was so excited and moved by it – THIS is what I would want!

Michaela, UK

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